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Bungee Adventures

5103 Folsom Boulevard


The bridges are over lakes & rivers. Heights range from 100-200 feet depending on water levels which vary by season and rainfall. You can drive to the bridges, no hiking is involved.

Cost is $99 for 1 jump or $149 for 2 jumps (per person). Normally jumps are done in a body harness which keeps the jumper upright & comfortably supported. Options include: ankle harness ($19), pictures & video ($19/each or $29 for both), water dips ($39).

Jump between two giant trees in a Redwood Forest. This is three adventures in one. First you climb the trees, second you tight rope walk between two trees (with a hand line for balance), third you bungee jump out of the trees. This is a one of a kind adventure, suitable for first timers but more challenging than a bridge jump. Tree climbing instruction (jumaring up fixed ropes) is included in the $149 price.

Our BIG jumps (200-1500 feet) are done off overhanging granite cliffs. You rappel (rap) down to the exit point. You jump off the ledge parallel to the wall to maintain clearance from the rock. After the jump, you climb (jumar/jug) up a rope using rock climbing ascenders.  Instruction (rappel & jumar) as well as pictures & video are included in the cost of these jumps.

The jumps come in two types: bungee jumps using elastic rubber and rope swings using nylon climbing rope. Bungee cords are four times heavier than climbing ropes. Because of this, the bungee jumps are the more expensive and aerobically challenging type.

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