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Zero Gravity

11131 Malibu Drive

ungee jumping in the heart of the Metroplex? It's just one of the surprising Dallas things to do you'll only find at Zero Gravity Thrill Park.

Some classic thrills never go out of style, but that doesn't mean you can't find ways to do it better. We do our bungee jumping from a seven-story permanent Air Boingo tower, a platform designed specifically for bungee. We support this with a triple safety system:

Super-elastic bungee cords - high-quality cords make even the smoothest rollercoaster seem rough by comparison
Nylon safety straps - these powerful straps could catch you with no bungee at all
Stuntman airbag on the ground - this professional stunt-quality airbag is rated for falls much higher than seven stories
Experience Dallas bungee jumping with Zero Gravity.

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